Infection Blasters is a BioRisk assessment and compliance solutions service designed to help businesses understand the true value of their cleaning habits, mitigate and lower employee liability while restoring consumer confidence in brand reputation.

We can Audit your facility and provide 3rd party testimony that you are doing the right thing .

We can Mass disinfect an area affordably and with minimal downtime.

We can provide PPE branded printing & compliance signage & more!


Science and Compliance. Not snake oil.

We get to the places you don't see.

We have the technology that others don't.

We can actually SEE where the microbes live.

Blount county disinfection microbe testing services

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Facility cleanliness rating and testing


  • We can test your facility and give you a CONFIDENTIAL drilled down analysis and report of where you need to take extra precautions.
  • We don’t mind signing an NDA .
  • The results of the findings are not published or shared with other third parties without your consent.
  • We identify the hot spots and certify that your area has been checked.
  • We are even willing to testify on your Company’s behalf or provide supporting evidence in the event that your business faces a lawsuit to show that you have taken proper steps in due diligence in slowing the spread of infection.

Abisintee Report

Monitor and track infection control efforts over time helping your bottom line with helping improve less employee absenteeism related to outbreaks in the workplace

facility test surface results for microbes

Hire us to Test & Diagnose and put together a plan of action or hire us to do the whole virus mitigation service for your space.

Fighting the Corona Virus
helping rebuild commerce confidence.

We all now have been effected by the Corona virus outbreak. We are dedicated to helping get the USA back to business in this uncertain time.

  • Experienced Team
  • High tech testing equipment that ensures the job is done right.
  • Latest technology in fighting microbes, viruses and bacteria that is harmful to humans and animals.
  • Alternative non-chemical methods to aiding in pro active infection control and disinfection.
  • Microbial Warrior Trained professionals at your service.

Why Trust us?

We provide detailed reporting on cleaning verification.

We are members of the ISSA – The world authority on cleaning.

member of the ISSA

We are Microbial Warriors Trained in Forensic Cleanup of COVID-19 from GBAC.

GBAC Global Biorisk Advisory Council

janitorial staff monitoringWe do not replace your current cleaning staff or janitorial service.

We point out what areas you need to focus on and offer facility microbe monitoring services<br> to help keep your liability down with customers and employees.


Affordable disinfecting solutions

Whether you need us to perform a service as a one time operation to help eradicate viruses or bacteria from your premises and create a deep cleaning baseline or if you want to have us come in on a schedule to keep pro-active efforts up, we can help.

Residential /


  • General & Affirmative approach to Disinfection of:
  • Living Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Basements
  • Nursery
  • Can be a regular schedule or a great way to take extra precautions if loved ones have developed a virus or MRSA or CDIF or other types of communicable diseases.
Commercial /


  • Restore Shopper Confidence
  • Shopping areas
  • Shopping Carts
  • Bathrooms
  • Checkout Point of Sale Areas
  • Showrooms
  • Countertops
  • Floors
  • We generate a report and give you a certificate of disinfection at the end of our session. We can help show what areas need to have more attention from your regular janitorial staff or employees.
Industrial /


  • Public Spaces
  • Warehouse & Workspace
  • Employee Conference and Break Rooms
  • Showroom floors
  • Shipping Docks
  • Offices & more
  • We will give our expert certification that the proper procedures, testing and methods were taken at your facility and help you go to bat in the event you have a legal claim.
  • We can show that due diligence was taken and proper care for your workforce

Why Choose Us

We care about our clients and want to help rebuild confidence in the economy and commerce of the land.

We hope to help restore confidence in the population and helping create a safer and cleaner place for all to visit and resume normal activities.

Facility Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment of the need and which technologies & disinfection methods will fit your application.

The Right Infection Control Professional Cleaning Approach for your Application

Since we have several proven technologies and methods of service, we will do the cleaning and give you a report.

Our methods cover many different bases .

Latest technology Testing and Reporting.

We will test the surfaces prior to doing our cleaning and help reveal where the efforts need the most attention for future visits or for your staff to pay closer attention to.


We provide pro active virus, bacteria and germ killing using high tech equipment and approved procedures.

We assess your scenario and keep in mind the type of surfaces and areas we will be treating and consider what you have that maybe unique in your case .

Our Services cover all the bases of Killing germs & addressing your concerns.

UV blasting

UV Blasting

UV Germicidical Area Blasting
Blount county disinfection microbe testing services

High Tech Microbial Imaging & Reporting

Surface imaging technology

We Follow the Rules and Provide Field Lab Confirmation of Results

CDC Disinfection Hazard guidelines COVID-19

OSHA Employer Responsibility & Liability with Coronavirus COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2

– Proper procedures

– General Duty Clause assistance


Summary of Changes to the Guidance from the CDC:

Below are changes as of May 6, 2020

  • Updated strategies and recommendations for employers responding to COVID-19, including those seeking to resume normal or phased business operations:
    • Conducting daily health checks
    • Conducting a hazard assessment of the workplace
    • Encouraging employees to wear cloth face coverings in the workplace, if appropriate
    • Implementing policies and practices for social distancing in the workplace
    • Improving the building ventilation system
  • A table outlining the engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment (PPE) that employers may use to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace

Slow the Spread of COVID-19

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EPA Registered disinfectant for killing corona virus covid-19
UV Virus DNA Scrambling Blasting infection control

You can have us test and certify or you can have us do the full disinfection service.
Either way, your customers and staff will know you are doing the right thing in helping slow the spread of the novel Corona Virus!