Blount County TN Coronavirus Cleaning Verification Testing & Mass Disinfection Services

Blount County TN Corona virus Cleaning Verification Testing & Mass Disinfection Services

We have been all effected by the recent pandemic and our lives and world is now a different place .

Infection Blasters is a Blount County based company and a proud member of the chamber of commerce. Our company is rooted in East TN and we understand how much this COVID-19 virus has impacted our local businesses . We are firm believers in capitalism and the American dream . It is our mission to help local event spaces, businesses and public places become safer environments and help restore consumer confidence.

We want people to get back to normal lives like visiting the Foothills mall and the Regal movie theater. Attend church in peace of mind , get back to shopping at Hamilton Crossing , go for a day at Cade’s Cove . Go grab a cabin in the woods somewhere and invite family and extended love one’s for a cookout. We are all about helping this all get back together.

Blount county disinfection microbe testing servicesWe understand this is a bold statement above but this is how we can make things better overall:

1. Make sure that businesses are taking the cleaning of their facilities seriously and effectively for their employees and visiting clientele.

How ?  We offer state of the art imaging equipment that allows us the ability to actually SEE where germs , microbes , viruses , bacteria and other harmful microorganisms are living.

This shows us WHERE that cleaning is not being efficiently taken care of.



Cleaning staff are essential workers during the pandemic. Use the resources on this page to educate and empower your teams as they work to keep facilities, clients and communities safer and healthier.

Together with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC), a division of ISSA, we offer education, training, and business resources to help you manage the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Mission of GBAC is Bringing together the scientific, decontamination, cleaning and restoration communities, to prepare, respond to, and recover from biological threats and dangers in an increasingly integrated world.

GBAC Values:·





GBAC is structured around 3 pillars – Prepare, Respond, Recover –

PR2Prepare – Through assessment, council, education, and training, GBAC assists individuals, institutions, companies and governments to strengthen their resilience to events involving biological threats by providing:·

Readiness assessments· Education and training Respond –

Forensic restoration· Decontamination services· Site clearance evaluation

Recover – GBAC works with our customers and partners to ensure compassionate recovery following the elimination of biological threats.


You can read more in the Daily Times about what Blount County Local government is doing here:

Blount governments say they will coordinate to manage virus mitigation