Custom Printed Face masks and Bandana style Face Coverings

Do your part in helping to stop the spread of the flu and COVID-19 and also promote your business , cause or message in the process.

american flag custom printed cloth facemaskWe have different styles to choose from and different options that will help with costs as well. We are only charging fair rates on these items and not trying to monopolize or price gouge .

These are CLOTH masks. Not N95 masks. They will help slow the spread and can be washed as well but you will need to take proper care of the masks themselves. These are not meant for medical professionals but can help slow transmission rates.

The CDC is currently endorsing people to wear them in public in areas of significant community-based transmission. We do not make these claims. The Center for Disease Control is the authority.





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Bandana Style Face Mask Printing:

custom printed bandanna face masks