Disinfecting Electronic equipment

When we work on a job that is close or on sensitive and of course expensive electronics, we take extra care when following precautions.

We can disinfect areas using our electro-static sprayers , yet we take extra steps in working on our cleansing process by utilizing a barrage of safer alternatives around your expensive equipment. We often will use UV technology that actually eradicates bacteria , viruses and microbes by sending human safe radiation into them by slow length nano waves of UV light blasts.

We have an office and workshop with some sensitive stuff. We wouldn’t want to harm our items either.


Professional Disinfect Cellphones and Tablets

Smartphone screens can have more bacteria than a toilet. Sadly, that’s not just a dirty bunch of infected garbage. What’s more is that tablets can be even more germ ridden and chromebooks and ipads and all the lovely items that kids love to use, can also be contaminated.

Here’s how we disinfect cellphones and tablets:

  1. We use a touchscreen-safe antimicrobial spray and a microfiber cloth. (There’s a rift in popular opinion when it comes to whether alcohol-based sprays are OK to use on touchscreens. Again, refer to your manufacturer’s instructions.)
  2. Electronics are powered off and unplugged.
  3. We use a non scuffing microfiber cloth with the disinfectant spray, being careful not to over-saturate the cloth and cause nasty leaks.
  4. Wipe down the screen, avoiding all openings.
  5. We allow the specific germ virus and bacteria battling chemicals enough time to blast those nasty bugs into oblivion.
  6. We wipe the screens clean and move on to the next section.

Professional disinfection of Computer Keyboards , Mice and Monitors