How much does your infection pro active service cost?

Our professional cleaning and disinfection services are based on a case by case scenario.

Every case is different and the need for which technologies suite the professional services applied.

We will need to assess the level of hot spot areas in your facility or establishment in order to provide an accurate quote.

Our formula for figuring up costs are calculated on:

  • How fast do you need it done?
  • How many team members we need to assign.
  • How many testing spots are needed.
  • How much chemical or what procedures will need to be put in place.
  • How often we will be coming back.
  • How much area will need post treatment after the initial treatment .
  • What level that you need us to serve you by in educating your current cleaning / janitorial service or staff.

We will need to check with the local county clerk or property appraisers website in order to see exactly how big your space is. This helps leave out the guess work on both sides.

Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate.