ATP Testing Services

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Do you REALLY KNOW how clean your environment is?


What is ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)?

A molecule found in all living things.

Pretty much all organic matter contains ATP, which includes:

  • Blood
  • Plants
  • Saliva
  • Bacteria
  • Animal matter
  • Mold
  • Viruses
  • Other microorganisms.

Though , it is true that not all microorganisms on a surface are harmful, it is important to practice routine cleaning in hot spots where cross contamination can live.

Specifically in restaurants or and food handling areas and of course healthcare facilities. Whether the test shows life on a surface, one should always be wary if it’s a high touch item like an office copy machine, coke machine, elevator button , door handle or any other surface that is constantly encountering use by multiple people.

The most troubling concern in organic matter comes from bodily fluids and hand contact. The detection of higher levels of ATP on a surface is an indication of a likely-high probability of cross-contamination & risk of spreading infection.

Of course , most food handlers are taught that there are temperature danger zones with handling raw meats for foodborne illnesses but it is amazing how fast droplets or particles can spread and not be realized that there is an issue.

When we test for ATP levels we also use a brand new technology of imaging for microbes. ATP does do a great job of giving us a number read but our other tech fills in the gaps of exactly WHERE something is living on a surface.

We use stat-of-the-art ATP microbial testing equipment and can measure levels of living micro-organisms in under a minute from start to finish.

The testing swab is inserted into a device called a luminometer, which can measure the amount of light produced by the sample itself. The Light to level of ATP in it:

the more bacteria or product residue on the surface, the more ATP; the more ATP, the more light produced.

The light is detected in an instrument and displayed in relative light units, or RLUs.

The higher the RLUs, the more likely it is that the surface has not been properly cleaned.

Luminometer technology has evolved to a point where food manufacturers can carry a device in their hand and receive results very close to instantaneously.

What happens when we swab an area is that the chemical used in conjunction with light can actually count the particles inside of the test area.

We can identify some of the nastiest and grimiest areas that may physically look clean and help with doing more to show where attention maybe lacking.

Our full reporting will give you the snapshot you need in order to work on better infection control practices and make sure your cleaning staff is doing the right job.

In addition to ATP testing we also use a brand new technology in imaging a surface. We can actually SEE the germs on the surfaces they are living without extensive electron microscope lab testing. We can take a picture of the surface and report back how it is infected.

This is extremely crucial because ATP does have its limitations in telling us the exact place of where the microbes were in the sample space.

In being transparent, we want you to know we do our best to show ALL possibilities. ATP will get us almost to the finish line, where our Optisolve Pathfinder will take us across the final mark in our testing procedures.